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Welcome to Nova Praxis: The Genesis Wars

The year is 2140.

It has been over 25 years since the technophage devastated the Earth and the last remnants of the world’s nations desperately fled to the stars in an event now known as the Exodus.

As the governments became increasingly powerless, the massive corporations responsible for running and maintaining order in the colonies and habitats began to grow into their own micro-governments. The Houses that now govern much of human-space grew from the six largest and most cohesive corporations who joined with the shattered pieces of the Earth governments.

Together, they founded the Coalition of Free States, or simply the Coalition. The Coalition governs the 95 million humans who survived the technophage and live throughout the Sol system and beyond.


The PCs are a semi-independent team of Auxiliaries who work for the Houses in investigating and cleaning up matters that must be kept from the public eye. Many a scandal has been averted as a result of their work and all of the Houses have directly or indirectly benefited from their expertise, discretion and creative methods.

While returning from a deep space mission to investigate a murder on a distant space station, the PCs’ ship receives an impossible SOS from a planet that should not exist.

The first shot in a war has been fired and it’s horrible implications will soon be revealed…..

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