House Rules

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Character Creation

The Base Mechanic

  • Roll D20 + applicable stat + applicable modifier against a difficulty set by the GM.

Proficiencies and using your Proficiency Bonus

  • You must have proficiency in a skill to be able to use your Proficiency Bonus for a skill check.
  • You must have proficiency in a weapon to be able to use your Proficiency Bonus in an attack.
  • You must have proficiency in specific armor to be able to use your Dexterity Bonus in your defense. This includes power armor and frames.
  • You gain your proficiencies from Background and Training packages chosen at character creation and during level up.

Combat – The Basics

  • Attack = D20 + Proficiency Bonus + applicable stat (Dexterity for ranged, Strength for melee).
  • Defense = D20 + Dexterity (Disadvantage when surprised, Advantage when only defending).
  • Soak = Constitution + Armor + applicable feats/edges and technology.

Combat – The Options

  • Surprise grants Disadvantage to the defender, meaning they roll 2d20 and take the lower roll.
  • Focussing on just defending grants Advantage to the defender, meaning they roll 2d20 and take the higher roll.
  • Armor and Constitution soak damage and are deducted prior to determining the effect.
  • Players can use an Action point to re-roll any single roll, including To-Hit and Saves.
  • Rolling a natural 20 doubles damage.


A mercenary sneaks through the rooftop of a Tsarya manufacturing facility and spots a security guard on a walkway that is suspended high above massive machinery. The merc decides to shoot the security guard with her Particle Accelerator pistol. As the guard is unaware of the merc, the guard has Disadvantage.

The merc has:

  • Dexterity of +3
  • Proficiency Bonus of +3
  • Particle Accelerator Pistol damage of 8

The guard has:

  • Constitution of +2
  • Dexterity of +1
  • Armor of +1
  • Disadvantage for being surprised (unaware of the impending attack)

The merc rolls a D20 and adds +3 for her Dex and +3 for her Proficiency Bonus. The merc rolls 10, for a total To-Hit roll of 16.

As the guard has Disadvantage for being surprised, the guard now rolls two D20 taking the lower roll and adds his Dex bonus of +1. The guard rolls a 7 and a 10. The guard’s low roll of 7 + Dex of +1 totals 8.

The merc has successfully hit the guard, having beaten his defense by 8 (To-Hit of 16 vs Defense of 8).

The pistol’s damage is 8 minus the armor’s rating of 1 and the guard’s Con of 2, resulting in damage of 5.

Checking the Condition Track (see character sheet), the guard is now Stunned and Wounded. It’s not looking good for the guard, who stumbles against the railing and almost goes over the side of the walkway.

House Rules

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